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Great Staff!

Great Staff!  Front desk was welcoming and pleasant.  Phil was very helpful and professional.  I look forward to coming in more for my thumb.


Awesome care!

What awesome care and treatment!  The north staff, especially Phil are very knowledgeable.  What a fantastic group of professionals.


I was referred to downtown SOHT

I was referred to SOHT downtown clinic when my doctor thought I could benefit from massage and some occupational training.  My thumb joints are degenerating and my doctor suggested shots/surgery.  I am really trying to avoid that, so I am relieved to have weekly/bi weekly visits at SOHT.  All the technicians and therapists are kind, professional and most importantly have helped strengthen my hands.  Big THANK YOU!


I love this place

I love this place!  From the receptionists to the therapists, I am happy and feel blessed to be here.  Particularly Mitch is a blessing to me.  He has all the therapeutic tools and manner to be a top notch therapist when he finishes his training.

Sister Mary

Downtown staff is awesome

My arm has improved a lot since coming to the downtown clinic.  I have enjoyed my time here and the staff is awesome.


Everyone I dealt with at the north clinic was professional, knowledgeable, courteous and caring. 

Jenn is the one who took care of my therapy; she tried very hard to make my hand better.  Everyone I dealt with at the north clinic was professional, knowledgeable, courteous and caring.  You have a great staff.


Amazing people at the downtown clinic

I was so stressed when I came into the downtown clinic, your entire staff from Carrie and Madison greeting me, then getting me quickly to Jamie and Nathan to set up my splint and answer my questions.  Everyone is very professional, efficient, and amazing people.  Thank you so much and god bless you all.


I survived a stroke and

I survived a stroke and was left with a deficit to my left hand. I lost fine motor control of my fingers- noticed mostly in my inability to firmly grasp anything between thumb and forefinger.

My Certified Hand Therapist, Kurt, and his assistant Alyssa, work with me, at the Spokane Valley office, to address my deficit. In fact, I enjoy being their patient; they somehow make my rehab sessions enjoyable. I’m happy to say I have seen improvements from the sessions.

Their front office is managed by Vicki – she does a great job keeping my insurance billing in order.

Kevin L. Coolidge

Wonderful experience at downtown clinic

I had a wonderful experience at the downtown clinic.  Megan, Carrie, Jonathon, Nathan and Mitch helped me regularly and are great people.  I appreciate the fact that everyone seems to care.  I would absolutely recommend people to this office.


Today I enjoyed going to the doctor

The valley staff, Clint, Moriah, & Alicia made a brace for my hand.  I have never enjoyed going to the “doctor” but today I did.  We had fun!  Thanks so much.


What a great experience at the Valley clinic

Everyone is so understanding and helpful.  We all have a great time talking, laughing and enjoying each others company.  That is 90% of getting well faster.  Thank you Justin for the special hello you gave to me last week, I will always remember that.  Again, thank you for making my visits not only healing but pleasant.

Ann I.

North Clinic

Everyone in this clinic has been spectacular!  I would recommend the North clinic to anyone in need of hand therapy.


Wonderful therapists

Wonderful therapists, very friendly and informative.  I would absolutely refer my friends and family to the North clinic.


The Valley clinic is fantastic!

The Valley clinic is fantastic! As much as OT can be painful, they have made it fun if you can believe it. They are caring, professional and treat everyone with dignity.  I have to say, Jana is my hero. She helped with the pain in my hands when nothing else worked. We laugh the entire time I’m there. You know she truly cares about how you are doing. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Candy Allen

Couldn’t ask for better care

I had excellent therapy at the North clinic!  My therapist used many techniques to get the best result.  I was treated by concerned and caring professionals.  Couldn’t ask for better care.


I like it here

I like it here, everyone is nice and I enjoy working with them all.


Professional and Friendly

Professional and friendly?  You bet!  Just love the entire staff at the North clinic.  I am looking forward to being healed, but will miss all the smiling faces.


The result was AMAZING

I came to therapy thinking I wouldn’t ever be able to have full use of my wrist again.  Through my therapy I was pleasantly surprised to find how much progress I was able to make in a short time.  Phil pushed me to my limit, but the result was amazing.  Excellent people to work with.


I came to Spokane Occupational

I came to Spokane Occupational & Hand Therapy after carpal tunnel surgery. It has been a great experience working with this team of professionals. They are very kind and work hard to make sure you’re healing and on the road to recovery. I would definitely come here again.


Completely Satisfied

Completely satisfied with the downtown staff.  Jayme and crew are the best!

Thank you!


George T

It never ceases to amaze

It never ceases to amaze me how awesome, friendly and therapeutic the Valley clinic is. Thank you for always taking care of me. I feel so much better and will always refer people to you.


My experience at the Valley

My experience at the Valley clinic was excellent. I couldn’t ask for more personalized care. Beth and Moriah took super care of me. The front office staff was very efficient. Thank you so much!

Mary Lee

Impressed! Glad I picked

Impressed! Glad I picked the Valley clinic, would recommend to all I know!

Valley Patient

When I first started at

When I first started at the North clinic, after my surgery, I could barely use my arm. Now I am pretty much back to normal. Great experience!


Phil is very patient with

Phil is very patient with me. He pushes me when I need it. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!


It has been nothing but

It has been nothing but GREAT! The North clinic staff are super friendly and you can tell they care about each and every patient!